Once Upon A Time

headshot 1Robert’s professional acting career began with a starring role in the MTV video, Johnny B, directed by David Fincher. Later, he became a member of the Actors Studio, where he performed in plays with James Gandolfini and was directed by James Lipton. Robert had lead roles in numerous productions at major regional theatres as well as in many Off-Broadway plays. He also starred in the world premieres of works by authors such as Joyce Carol Oates, Reynolds Price, and William Saroyan.

In 1993, he moved to Los Angeles and, over the next five years, appeared in more than fifty TV shows and films. Most memorably, he killed George Clooney in the TV series Sisters, allowing George to go on to ER. In 1994, a director friend asked Robert to be part of an exercise video for men, starring O.J. Simpson. The video, filmed just before the infamous murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, can be seen here. Robert is in the back, looking like the one who committed the crime.

boradHis favorite project was an award-winning short film, The Robber, which was featured in film festivals around the world. Robert traveled with the film all over the U.S. as well as to France and Japan, where it was seen by celebrities such as George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and the head of the Yakuza (the Japanese mafia), where Robert was given the seat of honor—next to the Mafioso’s mistress.

Officially retired from acting since 1999, Robert is grateful for the incredible journey (and the residual checks that keep coming). He even has his own Star Trek card!

Robert’s experiences in acting have not only shaped him, they’ve served as inspiration for many of the characters and stories you will find in his work.
Professional headshot photos by Dave Teel.