Malibu Writers Circle

Welcome to the Malibu Writers Circle. 

A few years back, I had an idea for a novel, but this time I actually started writing it. I quickly realized I needed people to read my writing in order to determine what worked and what did not; thus the Malibu Writers Circle (MWC) was born. Since then, over 100 writers have come to our meetings, using our workshop format to complete novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, and pilots. Our members have seen their plays produced Off-Broadway, their teleplays on TV, and their fiction and non-fiction published in dozens of literary journals. Members of the MWC have also won major awards, scholarships, and literary contests.



Partial List of Recent Member Accomplishments
Novella “Mandelbrot the Magnificent” in Tor (Liz Ziemska)
Short story “Climb On” in Masters Review Anthology (Shubha Venugopal)

Short Story “Playing at Parent” won the Mary C. Mohr award and a $2,000 prize (Shubha Venugopal)
Short story “Treasure” in Acentos Review (Sandra Ramos O’ Briant)
Short story “Shattered Glass” in Minerva Rising (Sandra Ramos O’ Briant)
Play, “Putin and the Snowman,” produced Off-Broadway (Robert Kerbeck)

Short story film adaptation, “Reconnected,” won Best Film and received multiple award nominations at major film festivals (Robert Kerbeck)


Our small group meets every three weeks, Thursday from 7-930PM in a private and professional setting. Members bring food and drinks, often in abundance.

We critique in a positive but honest manner focusing on what we liked, what we loved, and what could be improved. There are no dues for membership. The primary focus of MWC is fiction, and writers must submit a sample of their fiction in advance of attending a meeting.

We hope to see you soon.

Robert Kerbeck, Founder, Malibu Writers Circle